Whether you are a friend, a student or a member of our yoga society everyone can join our community activities. You will be able to mix with the senior students and teachers in an informal environment. These activities are a time to make new friends from all the communities and share a universal vision in our cultural diversity.

Every month our yoga centers organize a wide variety of activities throughout Malaysia. One of the most popular activities are the seminars and retreats where we take out a weekend and focus on health and happiness. Getting away from the regular routine enables you to make a special effort and go deeper in life along with fellow yoga practitioners. Many of our activities are health related but others are simply fun and, tasty!

Regular activities that we offer

  • Group mediation with meal
  • Philosophy classes
  • Vegetarian buffets
  • Newsletters and mailing lists

Special programs we organize

  • Seminars and retreats
  • Family get-togethers
  • Fun runs and nature walks
  • Youth programs

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